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There are two types of exhibitors at Dyslexia information Day:

Exhibitors & Inspirational Exhibitors

Exhibitors: local service providers and businesses who have products and / or services on offer that can assist, support or enable local dyslexics. We also invite exhibitors who offer ‘alternative’ services or solutions. Different things for different ages.

Inspirational Exhibitors: dyslexic individuals who we feel are inspirational are invited to exhibit at Dyslexia information Day, they may be local or national business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, film makers, designers… whatever they do they are there because we rate their skills and achievements, and feel that visitors will also be inspired to meet them.

All our exhibitors, have been invited to Dyslexia information Day, because they can offer information, products or services that we feel may be of use to our visitors.

We aim to inspire and empower visitors, so having a variety of services, advice, guidance & information on offer for all age ranges, (child & adult) is really important to us.

Our founder is dyslexic, as are many of our volunteers; so we understand that dyslexia affects adults too!

Please check out the exhibitors on the right of this page for further information.

click here for a downloadable list of DiD17 Exhibitors & Supporters

Stuff about stands / displays

Exhibitors will be on hand to talk to visitors about their business and services on offer. Please do not be afraid to talk to our exhibitors, they have given up their Saturday to be at Dyslexia information Day to help inspire and empower as many visitors as they can!

You will be offered a ‘DiD Guide’ to take home with you, this will contain the contact details of all the exhibitors at the event you attended, definitely worth keeping for future reference!


Stuff about booking

Contact:  All exhibitors are by invite only, but if you have a suggestion for an exhibitor who you feel would be an ideal Dyslexia information Day exhibitor; or if you would like to be considered as a future exhibitor, please feel free to get in contact with us.



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