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The DDC has always had highly positive feedback from clients. Here is just a sample of what people are saying about the work of the DDC founder Elizabeth Wilkinson;


" have changed my life for the better and allowed me to read those strange papery thingies covered in black wibbely lines..."

Craig 2011

"All very informative, relevant & interesting"
"Enjoyable, as well as extremely informative. Thank you"
"Excellent session, Thank you"
"I have enjoyed it and feel it should be offered to all staff."
"a very enjoyable + informative course + would be of benefit to all personnel..."
"all relevant & enjoyable"

A selection of feedback comments from a 'Dyslexia Bascis' session for Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service December 2010

"after gaining information from course I am better equipped to assist a dyslexic student"
"the tutor herself was dyslexic and so was well informed and spoke form personal experiences"
"very informative / lots of resources for identification and different ways of helping dyslexics to learn"
"Informal, relaxed, clear & logical process, obvious good planning of session"

Feedback from 'Dyslexia Basics & Top Ten recommendations for FE' at Telford College of Arts & Technology 2010

"Eli really knew her stuff!"
"Eli, keeps it interesting"
"(I liked) the hand outs"
"range of approaches & interactions"
"diverse activities, opportunities to talk"
"(I liked the) discussion on professional practice and time to reflect on pupils needs"
"it was relaxed - the tutor was approachable, therefore I felt I could ask any questions."
"opportunities to work in teams and share ideas"
"informative, thorough & humorous"

Some feedback from 'Dyslexia & Meares Irlen Basics' training day at Woodlands School, Wem, October 2010

"Hi Eli, did u know ur magic?? Clara has just done her spellings 4 me and got them ALL right!! She is very pleased with herself and I am 2!! So thanx very much... :O)."

A text from a happy mother!

"even though it was only one hour a week this was the most helpful hour of my week teaching me ways to cope with my spelling showing me ways to learn how to spell things different than the normal school children..... Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) was able to get the proper help I needed in my exam for school e.g. scribe, reader, extra time, and also she was able to change the views teacher's had of dyslexic suffers and educated them on the subject...... only now do I feel able to do that and confident in the working world, I doubt with out Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) I would be confident enough to write this letter."

Samuel Foster, Former Student

"Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) has helped Sam enormously. She has taught him strategies for dealing with problems in learning and compiling work. She has helped him improve his concentration span and she has contributed significantly to an increase in his self confidence..... Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) has also been very supportive to us as parents being available to give advice if necessary."

Samuel's Parents, Sylvia and Stuart

"Whether she is tutoring, carrying out assessments or talking to parents, Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) always displays a high degree of empathy and professionalism. She works hard to create valuable, creative and memorable learning experiences with her students, encouraging them to come to their own conclusions about their needs and strengths, both educationally and socially. Every student I have seen her work with has blossomed, with her support, into a confident, motivated child or teenager, who is more willing to engage in learning and more positive about their future"

Mrs. Suzanne Evans

"The result of the training has been extremely positive whereby tutors are more aware of the key signs when working with learners. They also feel more competent to address issues of support with the learners directly and to talk openly about individual learner needs and letting the learner give direction about whether they do, and how they would like, support."

Louise Williams, WEA Programme Area Manager for Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent

"I have recently attended a course delivered by Elizabeth Wilkinson on the subject of "Irlen Syndrome". It is my opinion that Ms Wilkinson provided an excellent tutorial in a friendly and efficient manner whilst promoting the main points of this subject...... I also had the opportunity to have a personal assessment on the "Over Lay" procedure which Elizabeth carried out, this was much more in-depth than I had anticipated, but once again she was proficient, courteous, and very skilful in all aspects of her work, her attitude was exemplary."

Mrs. Kathleen Dexter, Student

"The workshops are very well received by all personnel attending, and the feedback forms reflect this including comments;
  • "The good points about this course was the way dyslexia was explained by the instructor."
  • "The tutor was very knowledgeable."
  • "It has enabled me to have a better understanding of dyslexia, its symptoms and helping aids"

The workshops are very well attended and have greatly increased the instructor's knowledge of dyslexia and assisted with helping devise strategies for students. The workshops are so effective all instructors are strongly advised to attend by their line managers."

SNCO Training Development

"We were then involved in running the Telford Dyslexia Academy which aims to provide support for children whose parents are not able to access the support through school or cannot afford support provided by organisations such as the Dyslexia Institute. She is a tower of strength and actively involved in helping us to set up projects and gain funding. Over the last 4 years we have raised enough money to offer regular subsidised 1-1 tuition to several young people and we believe we have made a difference."

Kate, former colleague at the Telford Dyslexia Academy

The result of this union proved to be extremely rewarding for Jordan as he exceeded both the school's and my own expectations with his SATS results. He gained the highest mark in the school for his writing (Level5) and missed a Level 5 for Maths by one mark. He achieved solid Level 4's for the rest of his subjects.

In conclusion I would like to end on a personal note. I cannot commend enough Elizabeth Wilkinson's (Eli's) personal qualities of integrity, patience and an instinctive sense of how to 'reach' a boy who at the beginning of his journey was at a low ebb in terms of motivation, confidence and self esteem. Her professional qualities are outstanding and speak for themselves with Jordan's pleasing progress.

Jordan will never forget the support and friendship that Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) has shown towards him and I will always be grateful for the positive and significant contribution Elizabeth Wilkinson (Eli) has made to our son's future.

Victoria Riley, Mother of student Jordan

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