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If you are an employer and you have dyslexic employees, or you think one or more of your employees may be dyslexic, then the first step is finding out!

Elizabeth provides first-class, confidential consultation services: Meeting with you and your employee (separately & together) to discuss any questions and any issues. Elizabeth will talk with you and your employee about their work, the business, your needs, goals and wants as well as talking to you both about dyslexia and completing an initial dyslexia checklist with the employee.

Elizabeth will then sign post you in the right direction for positive action, where necessary she will suggest service providers, tools and courses of action; some will be short term plans, others long term – but all will be positive for both your employee and your business!

Did you know that your dyslexic employees may be eligible for fully-funded 1:1 specialist support? Also as an employer you may be eligible for funding to help towards the cost of equipment and training – via Access-To-Work funding: Download the employers fact sheet here.


Are you are self-employed? if yes you may be eligible for fully funded support and equipment!

To find out how you or employees can access funding for dyslexia support and provision click here.



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