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Parents Links, Parent Courses and Adults

Advice & Guidance

Elizabeth is no longer able to provide free advice and guidance for parents, due to time constraints, however she knows that the following links will be really useful to parents seeking information, advice and guidance.

Alternatively you are welcome to the free not for profit Dyslexia information Day events that Elizabeth organises.


Information Advice Support Service (IASS):

IASS Telford & Wrekin CLICK HERE

IASS – Shropshire CLICK HERE

TIP: you can find your local IASS in your local area by typing IASS and the name of your town into your internet search engine.

Getting the right support:

Specialist Education Solicitors – I cannot urge parents enough, to make contact with a specialist Education Law solicitor, and to work with them and your child’s school to secure the best education provision possible for your child’s future!  I highly recommend these two:

Sinclairslaw CLICK HERE  


Tutors and Assessors:

Telford Dyslexia Academy: CLICK HERE (facebook page)

Shropshire Dyslexia Association CLICK HERE 

to find a tutor or assessor in your local area – PATOSS Tutor and Assessor index CLICK HERE

Visual Stress / Meares Irlen Syndrome:

Stephen Evenett Optemetrist CLICK HERE For Visual Stress testing (Coloured overlays/glasses)

To fine a precision tinted lens prescribe in you area: CLICK HERE

GHP Kendal Paper: CLICK HERE coloured paper pads and books

Amazing software, fonts and things that can help:

Dyslexie Font  CLICK HERE

TextHelp UK – ReadWrite – Browsealoud … CLICK HERE

Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice Recognition Software – you speak it types! CLICK HERE

Visual Theasaurus – CLICK HERE and try it – Elizabeth loves it!

Scanning Pens Ltd – CLICK HERE  this company is based in Telford – Shropshire!

Parent Dyslexia Awareness Courses:

2019 – Elizabeth is happy to run a parent awareness course for anyone who wishes to have one, if you are interested in having a course for your and your friends, or you and a group of fellow parents, please get in contact with Elizabeth directly.  Each course is either one full day on a Saturday or 3 hours a week for three weeks, at a cost of £80 per parent (minimum 4 parents per course – maximum 10).

The parent dyslexia awareness courses are unique courses created by Elizabeth herself, offer parents an insight into dyslexia, dyslexia and their child, as well as dyslexia and family! Parents will also get to talk to other parents, share information and be inspired… oh and there is NO homework!

What parents have said about past courses:

  • “…you realise you are not alone”
  • it make me ‘be’ and feel ‘more ‘informed’ and more in control of my child’s education”
  • “we learnt so much as individuals, but also in relation to our families as we started to understand not just ourselves better but our whole family too!”
  • “Such a positive experience – I urge all parents of dyslexics to take this course!”

ADULT Specialist 1:1 Support / Coaching

Elizabeth work over the last 12 years has been primarily with adults, businesses, training staff within education establishments & organisatoins.

For information on organisations who can help you with children please (scroll down the page) and click on the links there.

For tutors and dyslexia assessors you should please visit the PATOSS Tutor & Assessor index

DDC 2012 JAN _034 (3)1:1 with Adults: Empathy & Understanding

As Elizabeth is dyslexic herself and she is able to use both empathy and understanding in her teaching. She combines this with her professionalism and passion to provide effective and top quality, bespoke student centered services. Elizabeth enables and equips individuals with knowledge & understanding of how they learn & how dyslexia affects them, using a student centered approach to learning means that individuals received individual teaching, which leads to successful learning and futures!