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Welcome to my second Day 6 of Elizabeth Wilkinson’s

‘Inspirational to me dyslexics guest blog

for Dyslexia Awareness Week 2020

 What’s your name?  Rob Udakis

How old are you? 55

Where in the world are you?  Shrewsbury, Shropshire

What is your occupation? Website Designer

What’s the name of your business/employer/university?  Vaikai Web Design

How old were you when you were diagnosed dyslexic? t was first discussed with parents when at junior school but no formal diagnosis until I was in my early 50’s

What difference has finding out made? It gave me a formal base to move on from. There is a lot of help and support for dyslexics, the formal diagnosis gave me the drive to go looking for it. Luckily I found the support I needed, the results have actually changed my life (for the better :-)).

Which do you prefer: I am dyslexic, or I have Dyslexia? I am Dyslexic

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Positive, caring and determined

What 3 words would your friends and family choose to describe you? Loyal, patient and principled

What is your best/proudest YES! moment?  Making the perfect poached egg. I know that sounds daft but I am competent cook and poached eggs are my nemesis. I still can’t do them constantly.

 If you could have one gadget, piece of equipment or software for free – what would it be, and why?  If I could have any gadget, that may not have been invented yet, is a device for a phone or PC that detects if you have been drinking too much alcohol, it would then disable the ‘Buy Now’ button on the internet. This would also work for selected contacts in your address book to avoid sending embarrassing texts & emails.

 If you had the day off to do anything at all – what would you do?  The dream day would be flying first class to Las Vegas, eating at a top end restaurant, seeing a world class show, drinking cocktails and winning in the casino. More down to earth, I am happy with a trip to good restaurant, drinks with friends followed by a concert.

 Who on the planet inspires you the most? I little bit sad, but it’s my wife Deborah

 Did you like School?   1 = not at all    and    10 = loved it: 3

 What did you like most about school?  Physical Education / Sports

 Who was your favourite teacher and why? Bob Ellis our sports teacher, he was someone who made lessons enjoyable.

 If you could go back in time, what one piece of advice would you offer to your younger school-aged self, and what age would that be? As a 12 year old to recognise that you may have an issue with learning in a particular way and insist on getting proper help.

 Are you glad you went for your dyslexia assessment? Yes it was one of the best decision I’ve made

 Is there anything you wish someone had told you before you went for your assessment? I would have like to have been told just how intense and exhausting the assessment would be.

If you could go back in time what message would you give to your 13-year-old self?  Back Red Rum at every opportunity, stop smoking and make proper notes at school.

Do you have any advice for anyone who has just been diagnosed dyslexic? Firstly be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re not alone. Accept who you are, then seek help to understand what dyslexia actually is.

 How to get in contact with Rob Udakis at Vaikai Website Design:  

Twitter: @vaikaiwebdesign

Facebook: @VaikaiWebDesign

Website: www.vaikai.co.uk

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