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Dyslexia information Day Award

Dyslexia information Day Award: Sponsored by: Special-T Assessments


The Dyslexia information Day (DiD) events attract exhibitors from all over the UK, which is why we decided that this award will be open to nominees from exhibitors living outside of Shropshire too!


We appreciate the lengths that all exhibitors to go toin order to be at the DiD events, and the advice, guidance and services they have on offer for DiD visitors; and according to visitor feedback every year we know visitors do too!


So if you have had excellent service, advice, guidance or inspiration from one of our DiD exhibitors (past or present) then please take a moment to nominate them for the ‘Dyslexia information Day Award’ and tell us why you are nominating them, why you think they deserve to win; this could include reasons like, how they were helpful to you, your family, your situation, or how they inspired you, or how their advice or guidance helped.


Who can be nominated?  

Any DiD exhibitor, past or present; a list of exhibitors can be found on the website:


Who can make nominations? Anyone: especially DiD Visitors.

The judging panel reserve the right to select an alternative category for your nominee to be considered in.
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