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Supportive Employer: Small Award

Supportive Employer Award <50 employees or less

 Sponsored by Kay Heald HR

This award category is open for nominations of employers who have 50 or less employees.


Employers nominated for this category should:

  • Have a positive, supportive and proactive approach
  • Have a positive and can do attitude
  • Implement ‘reasonable adjustments’ where needed
  • Have a positive and adaptive approach to training
  • Be dyslexia-aware and friendly
  • Be encouraging and inspirational


Do dyslexic employees feel that this employer:

  • Values their worth and skills as an employee
  • Ensures that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are made
  • Is working to raise dyslexia awareness
  • Ensures their training and learning needs are met


Be sure to tell us why you are nominating this employer, and why you think they should win this award.


Who can be nominated?  Businesses in Shropshire including Telford & Wrekin, who have 50 or less employees.


Who can make nominations?  Anyone!

The judging panel reserve the right to select an alternative category for your nominee to be considered in.
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