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Amazing Art Award

Amazing Art Award

Sponsored by Fusing Ideas Glass – Jill Bagnall

The Amazing Art Award is open to dyslexic artists living in or from Shropshire including Telford and Wrekin.


They can create any for of art; this could include paintings, sculpture, poetry, pictures, chalk, charcoal, wood, glass. If the artist is dyslexia, from Shropshire and you think their art is amazing, then you should nominate them for this award!


Criteria: Tell us why you think their art is amazing, do their creations inspire you, do the take you to another place, are you amazed at the art they create?

It doesn’t matter what medium of art they use, all that matters is that their art amazes or inspires you! They of course must be dyslexic and be living in of be from the county of Shropshire, including Telford & Wrekin.


Who can be nominated for this award?

Nominations are open to dyslexic artists who are either living in or are from Shropshire including Telford & Wrekin; an age restriction of 18+ applies.



Who can make nominations?  Anyone!

The judging panel reserve the right to select an alternative category for your nominee to be considered in.
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