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Now open for nominations from the West Midlands Region

Amazing Art Award 2020

Amazing Art Award – Sponsored by Evolved Design Ltd

The Amazing Art Award category is open for nominations of artists who live in, work in or who are from the West Midlands Region UK.


There is no restriction on the type of art they create, but the artist must be dyslexic and living in, working in or be from the West Midlands Region of the UK and their art has to wow or amaze you!

Types of art may typically include but not limited to music, paintings, sculpture, poetry, pictures, chalk, charcoal, wood, glass. If the artist is dyslexic and from the West Midlands region of the UK and you think their art is amazing, then you should nominate them for this award!

Criteria: Tell us why you think their art is amazing, how and why does their art move, amaze, wow or inspire you? What do you love about their creations, their work – their art?

Who can be nominated for this awardNominations are open to dyslexic artists who are either living or working in, or are from West Midlands Region of the UK, there is an age restriction of 18+ for this award category.

Who can make nominationsAnyone!

How to Nominate: either use the form below, click the nominate button above, or ‘download’, compete and return the Award description and nomination form (PDF) from the bottom of this page.

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