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Celebrating dyslexia in Shropshire! The Dyslexia Awards aim to celebrate, highlight and promote the positives of dyslexia.

The second annual Dyslexia Awards will take place on Saturday 25th November 2017 at the Ironbridge Gorge’s Enginuity Museum in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire.

Dyslexia Awards have been created by Elizabeth Wilkinson; The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant (The DDC). Elizabeth dyslexic herself has been dreaming of running this event for over a decade! Since founding The DDC in 2007 and Dyslexia information Day (DiD) in 2008, she is always keen to promote and champion her fellow dyslexics; and this event is the next adventure to help raise public awareness of dyslexia to encourage others to celebrate and promote their strengths and skills!

Elizabeth is passionate about raising public awareness and help her fellow dyslexics understand that dyslexics tend to have skills and strengths that are often overlooked in mainstream education and the work place; the Dyslexia Awards will be an ideal opportunity for the positiveness be in the spotlight for a change!

Elizabeth says “…I feel it’s really important that people understand, as dyslexics we have a lot to offer the world”

With the continued support of lots of local people, businesses  and organisations, the 2nd Dyslexia Awards is going to be another positively spectacular event and highly enjoyable evening! To find out how you can support the awards from displaying a poster to being a sponsor please get in contact with us:

There are 17 awards, and 3 categories: Adult, Young People & Education Awards! *16 or the 17 awards are open to Shropshire only!

Who can nominate? Anyone: individuals, family members, work colleagues, bosses, teachers, neighbors, friends etc… Who will you nominate?

*Dyslexia information Day Award is the only award open to nominations form outside Shropshire, but is restricted to DID exhibitors only – see award description for more information.

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