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3rd Annual Dyslexia Awards will be taking place on the 10th November 2018!

Celebrating dyslexia in Shropshire; the Dyslexia Awards celebrates, highlights and promotes the so often overlooked positives of dyslexia, and positive dyslexics!

Dyslexia Awards was founded by Elizabeth Wilkinson in 2008, Elizabeth is dyslexic herself, and had been dreaming of starting the dyslexia awards for over a decade, she has been working tirelessly since 2000 promoting and championing her fellow dyslexics. Founding The DDC in 2007 and the original Dyslexia information Day (DiD) in 2008. Elizabeth is determined to counter balance negative publicity and shame so often associated when receiving a dyslexia diagnosis. Elizabeth continues to raise public awareness of dyslexia and to encourage others to celebrate and promote their strengths, attributes and skills!

Very aware that all to often dyslexics have skills and strengths that are overlooked in mainstream education and the work place; the Dyslexia Awards are an ideal opportunity to promote and celebrate those overlooked strengths, and for the positiveness to be in the spotlight for a change, the awards are a positive and enjoyable way to effect change.

Elizabeth says “…I feel it’s really important that people understand, as dyslexics we have a lot to offer the world”

With the continued support of amazing local businesses, individuals and organisations, the 3rd annual Dyslexia Awards (2018) will be another positively spectacular and highly enjoyable evening!

There are 9 awards up for grabs for 2018:

Exclusive to Shropshire dyslexic adults: Innovation (18+), Entrepreneur (18+), Shining Star Adult (20+).

Exclusive to Shropshire under 18 Dyslexics:  Shining Star Teenager (12 – 19 years).

Exclusive to Shropshire Educators: Learning Support, Educator & SENCO.

Exclusive to Shropshire based Employers: Supportive Employer Award.

*Outside of Shropshire: Dyslexia Information Day Award – Exclusive to nominations of the 65+ exhibitors who have exhibited at Dyslexia information Day since 2008

Who can nominate? Anyone: individuals, family members, work colleagues, bosses, teachers, neighbors, friends etc… Who will you nominate?

*Dyslexia information Day Award is the only award open to nominations form outside Shropshire, but is restricted to DID exhibitors only – see award description for more information.

To find out how you can support the awards from displaying a poster to being a sponsor please get in contact with us:

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