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The Next Dyslexia information Day (DiD)

Date:  2018 date TBC

Place: TBC

Time: 11am – 3pm (drop in any time)

Cost: Entry is free

Parking: TBC

 Free dyslexia advice, guidance & information for all ages!


In the beginning

The first Dyslexia Information Day (DiD) was 24th May 2008!

founded with the intention of offering free dyslexia advice & guidance to parents, families and individuals, as well as having local service providers under the same roof, so visitors could see for themselves products and services providers available to them locally.

“The idea was and is to empower my fellow dyslexics!”

Elizabeth Wilkinson 2015

Coming from a long line of dyslexics, Elizabeth knows of the struggles that dyslexics can face within the education system, BUT she also knows and has seen first hand the gifts, skills, creativeness and successes that dyslexics do and can have.

With the help of family and friends Elizabeth has organised, funded and run 16 Dyslexia information Days, with the next one being Saturday 20th May 2017 at Enginuity in Coalbrookdale!

“the success of our Dyslexia Information Day events is down to the fabulous volunteers, who give their time to each event. Their dedication, support and passion is just marvellous!”

The Dyslexia information Day events are free for both exhibitors and visitors. All volunteers are either dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculic, ADHD, autistic/aspergers or have a close link to dyslexia. All exhibitors are there by invite only and are hand-picked by the Dyslexia information Day team.

The evolution of the Dyslexia information Day is a marvel to see; starting as a small free advice guidance and information event, it has become a celebration of local dyslexics and dyslexia.

Dyslexia information Day is now an event that empowers, celebrates and even showcases local dyslexics’ talent, businesses and people. It now ever provides its young volunteers, ‘young volunteer certificates’.

These events offer individuals & families an opportunity to meet local dyslexics, to talk to them about dyslexia, with a range of fabulous volunteers and exhibitors on hand to talk to, including of course Free advice & guidance from the event founder & sponsor Elizabeth Wilkinson.

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Dyslexia Information Day

Dyslexia Information Day was lucky enough to be featured on Paul Shuttleworth's radio show, the player below has the recording.
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